Size Guide
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Men’s Size Guides

Collar size

Measure from the outer edge of the buttonhole to the center of the collar button. Keep the collar spread flat.

Sleeve length

The sleeve measurement from a shirt and from the body should be the same. You can cross check the measurements by first measuring the sleeve of an accurate size shirt. Measure from the tip of the shoulder joint to just below the wrist. Measure from the same point for both Shoulder and Arm measurement.


Measure straight across the shoulder length from the tip of one shoulder cap to the other. Be sure to start and end the measuring tape at the tips of both shoulders.

Chest width

Measure across the width of the chest at the fullest part. Place the measuring tape tucked under the armpits and lying flat.

Waist size

Measure across the narrowest part of the waist. Do not stretch the measuring tape or let it loose. Do not suck in your stomach while giving measurements.


Measure across the fullest part of the hips, keeping your body straight. Do not stretch the measuring tape or let it loose.


Measure from the highest point of the shoulder just below the collar point, along the front of the body to the required point for length. Stand with a straight posture. This measurement is generally longer than the arm length.