How to Style Hoodie – Designer Insight
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How to Style Hoodie – Designer Insight

  • 16 September 2022

A hoodie – the colder days buddy, is never the fashion-forward article for people, yet it carries numerous advantages for looking like a style item, along with being practical and comfortable. It fits loose to the body and keeps everything warm but also comfortable. And this particular garment is no longer a household item, but a garment that can be worn outside in a number of ways. Uniworth’s Fall Collection has revamped the old classic into trendy & preppy. Hoodies are a part of this collection.

Before you get to buy your new fashion garment, go through this insight by our expert designers. You will know in advance how to style your piece.

The History of Hoodie

The hoodie is one garment that has had quite a colorful history. It started off as a sportswear staple, joined the fields, went to the runway, and from there stopped at every urban culture street. One garment that is seen on almost every individual – from the country's prime minister to celebrities in movies, from business personnel to a street guy. It’s been accepted and loved by different people in different ways; maybe a sweatshirt can get a hood at the back and become even cool?

Hoodies have certainly become a cool garment and are doing wonders. The latest fashion trends involving a close bond of streetwear and fashion for men are also highlighting this garment on ramps. There are not many garments in menswear that can act as a combo package of an afternoon Netflix binge-watching to streetwear stunt kind, or from a jog outside to dinner in the evening. But the hoodie can cover every bit of these fields.

What began as a trend in the 1990s has developed into a global phenomenon because of its versatility and comfort.” Says, fashion designer Gordon Richardson, former creative director of Topman.

UNIWORTH DESIGNER NOTE: A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood at the back. The style is generally liked for sportswear or casual streetwear and is paired with jogger pants or sweatpants. It’s a protective piece that provides both comfort and warmth. The hood also is significant in replacing the hat in winter and keeping the head warm.

How to Style the Hoodie

Hoodies are comfortable and warm, and also unrestrictive. You can wear them as per your liking and interest, and pair them as per the trend or style.

Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

A hoodie with a denim jacket is the most versatile style to wear this hooded sweatshirt – Forms a look that’s casual and cool. As we know denim jackets tend to come in a number of shades, but a hoodie with a blue denim jacket is the best combination of color choices to have the outfit stand out. Maybe pick a white or grey hoodie, and wear it with a denim jacket in blue on top, and skin-fitted jeans on the bottom.

Hoodie with a Leather Jacket

Another warm look for a cozier feel is a hoodie with a leather jacket on top. This combination is the coziest and at the same time sleek and stylish. The look can be achieved in the best way by pairing a black biker jacket with a full-length zipper hoodie in black. Then choose smart-fit denim jeans in black from Uniworth’s jeans collection to keep it in sync with the aesthetics of a rocker, or a blue jeans for an urban feel. In case a completely black look gives you a strong feel, then break the look down by adding a basic tee in white or light grey color.

Hoodie with a Shearling jacket

A shearling jacket is the winter wear choice for most individuals. Nevertheless, if you want to achieve the look perfectly, you need to keep a perfect balance of the hoodie and jacket since both the garments are heavy. Choose lighter shades of hoodies to soften up the heaviness.

Hoodie with a Parka Jacket

Yes, the jacket that you use to protect yourself from the wind and rain is the perfect styling garment along with a hoodie. The combination of a parka jacket with a hoodie is modern and stylish and warm. But for a sensible look, keep things clean and pair a black hoodie. The final piece to add to the look is drawstring pants or smart-fit tailored trousers.

Hoodie with a Coat

If you take winters more seriously but want to look stylish as well, the coat – long coat precisely – is the best way to go about it. This is the garment that most people have in their closet, but mostly the coat is considered a choice for formal occasions. Yet, it can work even for your casual look, you need to just understand the way it works. The double-breasted coat is the most versatile piece for a formal setting and a casual look as well. Choose a white or black hoodie and pair it up with a brown or black coat on top, but also wear loose-fit pants underneath to complete the look.

Final Verdict

  1. Choose a hoodie for comfort, style, and warmth
  2. Consider a hoodie your go-to garment, for every outing.
  3. Use it as a base to layer other garments for a fashionable look.
  4. Choose a zipper hoodie for a slimmed appearance and a pullover for a more casually comfortable look.
  5. Wear your hoodie with a denim jacket or leather jacket for an edgy look.
  6. A bomber or parka jacket is for the contemporary kind.
  7. Don’t forget about the pair of denim as bottoms.

Wear a hoodie from Uniworth’s Ultimate Fall Collection and send us a picture of your chosen style.